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An Overview of Implantable Contact Lens.

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs) are artificial lenses that are placed into the eye to correct visual problems. It is an alternative to laser eye treatment, such as LASIK, for providing permanent treatment for conditions such as presbyopia, myopia and hyperopia. It is also more flexible in treating refractive errors and is able to provide dramatic visual improvements even for people with longstanding and severe eye problems.

ICLs function just like regular contact lenses, except that they fixed into the eyes and will not require any changing or replacement. It can be used to treat moderate to very high refractive errors and is ideal for people with vision problems who want a permanent solution. With an ICL in place, people get clear vision without having to use another contact lens or eyeglasses.

Those who wish to get treated with ICL will have to meet with an ophthalmologist to verify if the treatment is suitable for them. Their eye specialist will also guide them throughout the procedure, including how to prepare for it and how to care for the eyes after the treatment and during recovery. ICL operations are considered relatively safe and risks of operation are minimal.